Fake or Not? Resetter Canon MP198

I get info download link resetter for Canon MP198 when there is a visitor leave a comment on this blog. But I don’t know this software resetter work or not because I don’t have Canon MP198 printer to try this software, this software can be used on this canon printer version or not.

If seen the screenshot of the software resetter I thinks this software only work windows XP and older windows version and can not be used in windows vista or windows 7. 
Here the screenshot of the software resetter when I try to run this software:

This Canon MP189 resetter can be download from this link: http://www.4shared.com/file/187276726/d145629d/Resetter_Canon_MP198.html

Update: A few users leave a comment in this topic, this software resetter work but only with black cartridges and other user say it work.

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Repair or Reset Epson TX121, T13, T1100

After wait for a long time, finally resetter Epson T13, TX121 and T1100 available on internet. I found the resetter Epson T1100 on indoreset whereas resetter Epson T13 and TX121 on mediafire uploaded by OrTHoTaMiNe.

I’ve tried to run all software resetter on my computer and all software resetter not crash with antivirus installed on my computer (I use AVG) except resetter Epson T13. AVG antivirus detected Epson T23 resetter as Virus. Maybe it caused this software has cracked but I think it not problem, you can disable the antivirus protection on your computer when you want to use this software to reset your Epson printer.

Here the screenshot software resetter Epson TX121 and T1100

Whereas software resetter Epson T13 was detected as virus by AVG, here the screenshot:

Download link software reseter Epson T13, TX121 and T1100:
Download Resetter Epson T13
Download Resetter Epson TX121 also work on Epson ME320
Download Resetter Epson T1100

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Repair or Reset Epson T50 and T60 without error 21000068

Get an error 21000068 when repair or resetting your Epson T50 or Epson T60 and not see  any solution to prevent the problem. Why not try this tips, but reset this method not recommended for beginner user and you must understand what you are doing. These tips from Jagdish Rathore (India) and I have been granted permission to publish on this blog. He also has been publishing this reset method on his blog on: http://www.epsonservice.blog.com. If you do not have any knowledge about PCB and electronics, I recommend don’t try this reset methode.

Here the reset method from Jagdish Rathore:
  1. Turn off printer and open printer.
  2. Open your Epson main PCB board.  You can view an 8 pin CMOS IC.  That is Epson waste ink counter IC and found on all Epson Printer.
  3. You can reset your printer without any resetter by following these ways.
  4. Soldering pin no 1,2,3,4 by wire  as show in PICTURE and now turn on printer for ”20 second”
  5. After 20 second turn off printer  and remove soldering wire from pin no. 1,2,3,4 ( back in original condition)
  6. Now turn on your printer
  7. And now your printer will be RESET
Note: This method is not recommended for beginners so you have to understand what you are doing. All problem caused by this tutorials is not our responsibility. Use this tutorial as your own risk.

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Repair or reset Canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648

To everyone who required resetter for Canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648 to reset ink counter on these canon printer model, I found how to reset these canon printers model on PrinterExperts.Blogspot.com. Canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648 is canon all in one printer verison that designed for home and small office.

I don’t know this reset method work or not on canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648 because I don’t have this printer model to try this reset method.

Ready to reset your printer, follow the following steps:
All these steps must be done to reset your Canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648 printer.
A. Entering into service mode
  1. Turn off the printer off is the printer power on. And remove the printer USB cable from your computer..
  2. While the printer is OFF, press and hold the Start/Stop button on the some other canon printers model press Resume/Cancel button.
  3. While still holding Start/Stop button or Resume/Cancel button, press and hold the POWER button.
  4. When the POWER LED (green light) lit, release the Start/Stop or resume/cancel button (still holding the POWER button).
  5. Still holding the power button,   Press the Start/Stop button or resume/cancel button TWICE then Release the POWER button. Wait until LCD printer to display 0 (zero) number
  6. After the display is 0, attach the printer UDB cable to your computer, its will detected new device installed (its normal), now go to resetting steps

B. Resetting Ink counter on the Printer
  1. Run “service_tool 1050.exe”. you can download the service tool software from this link: ServiceTool_1050.zip
  2. service tool 1050
  3. Confirm detected USB-port numbers on USB port column.
  4. Click “Main button” on Clear ink counter section. Make sure there are papers in the paper feed because the printer will print after the process is complete.
  5. Click “platen button” on the “Clear ink counter” section. The printer will print again.
  6. Turn off the printer and then turn the printer on. You printer is ready for use.

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Resolve the problem after resetting the Canon Pixma iP1700

Resolve the problem after resetting the Canon Pixma IP 1700, I find two problem often happened when resetting the printer. First case, My Canon Pixma IP 1700 becoming Canon Pixma IP1300 after resetting the eeprom, second case, cartridge not recognize after resetting the counter then the led blinking 5X orange and 1X green..

1. My Canon pixma IP 1700 becoming IP1300
My Canon Pixma IP1700 becoming canon Pixma IP1300, this problem happened after resetting the eeprom of Canon IP1700 using IPtool. The solutions for this problem :
  • Install driver for canon IP1300, you can download the driver in the canon website.
  • Now run IPtool software, auto recognize as Canon Pixma IP1300
  • In the change model set the printer to IP1700.
  • In the EEPROM Operations click reset button. Turn off the printer and turn on again, the problem solved now your Canon printer becoming Canon Pixma IP 1700 again.
2. Blinking orange 5x and green 1x and the color/black cartridge not recognized
This problem appear after several times reset ink level the cartridge. If this reset methode does not work to solve the problem. I get this solution after several times try resetting using various combinations button. Solutions for the problem are:
  • Start with printer off
  • Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  • Keep holding down Power button and press Resume 2 times, then press and hold the resume button, release power button.
  • Green lights will flash and then stop blinking (Keep hold the resume button).
  • When green lights are solid, release resume button and press again the Resume button 4 times.
  • Don’t switch of the printer (because if your trun off and turn on again the printer the problem still appear), Now reset the counter and EEPROM canon IP1700 using IPTool software (recommended).
  • Turn off and turn on again the printer, the printer should respond as normal. In my Canon IP1700 problem solved.

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Repair or Reset Counter Canon Pixma MP190

Repair or Reset Counter Canon Pixma MP190. This article is to answer many questions about reset method Printer Canon Pixma MP190 from this blgo readers. And I found this method but I’m not tried  this reset method, I just share this manual reset in this blog. You can try this reset method to reset waste ink counter in your Canon Pixma MP190.

Canon Pixma MP190 all-in-one is compact ans styles photo printer with printing, copying and scanning features. This printer using advance copy technology for best copying result. Price of the Canon MP190 in the market is about $40.

Waste Ink Counter Reset for Canon MP190:
  1. Turn on the printer then press Menu-Copy-Scan-Copy-Copy to enter enter into SERVICE MODE.
  2. After enter into service mode, Select TEST MODE.
  3. Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE.
  4. Select 3. [EEPROM CLEAR].
  5. Select 0. [INK COUNT] to reset the ink counter in the printer.
  6. Press the [Set] key.
  7. Press the [Stop/Reset] key (returning to the state of 3), and then press the [ON/OFF] key
After reset manually you can use software resetter to reset the printer. The software can download from this link: Download software resetter Canon Pixma MP190

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